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Results for 2016


40 Entries

100% Pass

60% with Distinction



1. The set acting scenes for Grade 1 to Grade 5 are printed in full in the LAMDA Acting Anthology – Vol 3.

2. The learner(s) will perform the chosen set scenes as they are presented in the LAMDA Acting Anthology – Volume 3.

3. Full costume must not be worn. Long practice skirts, which allow freedom of movement, may be used

4. The learner(s) must play only one character in their selected scenes.

5. No unauthorised person will be allowed to be present during the examination.

6. Electronic devices, such as mobile phones, Kindles, iPads, e-readers and laptops, are not permitted in the examination room unless they are required as a prop. If an electronic device is required as a prop this must be approved by the examiner at the beginning of the examination. Electronic devices used as props must be switched off for use in the examination.

Acting Exam Details


Acting Level 1 Grade 2, 3 and Solo and Duologue learners will perform from memory:


One set scene from LAMDA Acting  Anthology Vol 3


One own choice scene that can not be selected from LAMDA Acting Anthology Vol 3


After their performances candidates will answer questions on their scenes

In 2015 Aldridge Youth Theatre is entered Junior members for LAMDA examinations for the first time in it's history.


It is planned to enter members for examinations at Grades 2, 3 or 4 and details of LAMDA exams in Mime and Devising Drama will be added shortly.


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